From The Forest To The See

Acrylic, 2016

My first large format painting of 2015, which I completed in March, is evidence of this intuition and a result of processing things through dreams. Painting was on my mind, where do I go from here, and how will this experience affect my exploration of the Canadian landscape and psyche. Where does the road from #ICONICCANUCK lead now?

I came to answer these questions through this painting. I saw myself emerging from an almost deep sleep, coming out from the protection of the forest trees and shadows. The Canadian flag offering warmth, comfort and care. I heard it time and time again when I was diagnosed, "if you are going to get Cancer, Canada is a good place to get it." The hockey goalie mask, also a form of protection and disguise, is lifted to let the sun shine on my face as I walk towards the shore, ocean, and the mountains. Sunlight streaming through Emily Carr skies with clouds that have a unity of movement. Carr painted on the shoreline where I live and work out of my studio. Every time I see these wavy, repetitious clouds, I think of her looking at the same sky years ago in the very same spot. The Canadian geese flying over each shoulder ushering me out of the dark and back to the light, they are my 'wingmen' of sorts and they wake me every morning as they argue, flying past my balcony and landing on my rooftop.