NEW Oversized Landscape Paintings

From large format to small works, these are new oversized Landscape paintings by Brandy Saturley. At the end of 2019 Saturley began painting very large scale landscape paintings on un-stretched cotton duck canvas, after returning from a month in London, UK studying at the Royal College of Arts. As seen in the 2020 documentary short film, ‘The Iconic Canuck’ – where the artist discusses her early ‘pop art style’ paintings and her new landscape paintings. Painted using small repetitious strokes, using many translucent layers of colour to achieve the depth and dimension sought, these paintings appear to have an almost ‘stitched’ appearance, which is why they are often confused for cross stitch on canvas. Staying true to Saturley’s ‘pop art palettes and style’ these paintings show new exploration into texture and form. These larger works are also practical, in that they are easy to ship to any city in the world, with collectors choosing to stretch and frame as they see fit and as recommended by their local art framing expert of choice. You can watch a full length film of Saturley creating these large format landscapes, set to music and time-lapse speeds. Offering you the ability to see how paintings are made. Saturley’s large landscape paintings are available by commissioning the artist, she is happy to paint the landscape of your choice and ships worldwide. Contact us for more information.

oversized landscape paintings