341 Steps (in Yellowknife)

Acrylic, 2019

341 Steps in Yellowknife: this is the 12th portrait in the People of Canada Portrait Project - a collaborative portrait project between Canadians and Brandy Saturley. This painting depicts a man enjoying the view on a uninhabited island on Great Slave Lake in Yellowknife. It is the quintessential Canadian outdoors man propped up using towel and weatherproof gear box. His canoe in the background. His hat pushed forward on his head to shield him from the setting sun. He wears a NWT Brewing Company cap and his knees clench a feather, placed by a fellow mate? The story of a man in Canada's North, enjoying a summer day and the gifts nature provides. More on the story behind 341 will be posted on the project website, soon. http://www.peopleofcanada.ca