VIDEO: making Art from initial sketch to final painting

Making Art takes time, making a painting, begins with an idea sketched out on paper or digitally formed from photography on a computer. This ‘sketch’ becomes the blueprint for a piece that will live on the canvas as a final fine art piece, that will hang in an art collection for lifetimes to come.

In this video you have a ‘window’ into my daily process as a painter. A painting built from a narrative in the minds eye of the artist, drawn out on canvas. The video shows the initial sketch on canvas, followed by a process of shading and colour blocking, setting light/dark, undertones, highlight areas and underpainted colours. This process of painting requires numerous layers, veils of colour, to be applied, allowing textures from detailed brush strokes to show through, creating an organic feeling. As the process unfolds you will notice the deepening of tones, creating dimensional effects as well as the saturation of hues, creating a vibrant lively piece of art.

This is a painting inspired by Lake of the Woods and offers a portal to the lake anytime one is required. Taking you back to summer days on the lake and at the cottage. You can view the final painting and notes about the painting here.