virtual art exhibition canada

Virtual Art Exhibition from #ICONICCANUCK Studio

Welcome to ‘Boundless North’ a virtual art exhibition featuring ten paintings from the studio of Canadian Artist, Brandy Saturley.

About this show: Boundless North – these paintings honour Northern landscapes and tell tales of times enjoyed together, exploring all the landscape offers. From outdoor ice skating, to pond hockey, with mountain and lake views. These times spent appreciating and exploring the great white north, celebrate our love of nature in Canada. These artworks represent travels across Canada to picturesque places, featuring some interesting characters met along the way. Real and imagined, these visual stories honour the boundless energy received from the landscape. This virtual art exhibition offers viewers worldwide the opportunity to walk through the gallery and experience the art in a more realistic setting. These paintings are available to buy, shipping worldwide.

To begin, a few notes on navigating the exhibition;

There are two choices for viewing the show, below you have a choice of clicking on ‘ENTER EXHIBITION’ or ‘START GUIDED TOUR’ – if you like managing the speed at which you view things and you are fairly comfortable navigating online, I recommended ‘ENTER EXHIBITION’. If you are not web savvy, click on ‘START GUIDED TOUR’ – sit back and enjoy the show.

At any point during your tour you can find a PAUSE BUTTON in the upper right hand corner of the screen and directly underneath you will find an INFO button, which if clicked shows the details for any piece along with price and link to more photos for each piece.

You can begin the show by clicking below, or by visiting this link.

Full exhibition catalogue available on request.