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The Home Show – Final Art Show of 2020

On the eve of the 2020 Winter solstice, you will find me hanging my final art show of the year. With whiteout skies of cold wet snow and all of us tucking in at home, I have decided to call this last art sale of the year, ‘The Home Show’.


Every year, I end the year with a photo in my studio. Last year it was a large-scale landscape painting of Lake Louise on canvas. This year, I thought it would be fun to create a final, ‘art show’ for the year. Featuring small and large artworks for sale created during 2020, but also a few favourites from the past few years that are part of my art collection. From paintings of beer, snow, and hockey, to a portrait from the People of Canada Portrait Project, to people in Alberta landscape, and landscapes of Vancouver Island. A Hudson’s Bay point blanket or two, some snow, some prairie influences, and a maple leaf.

maple leaf painting on display art show

It’s in the details: a closer view of the ‘Home Show’ art installation.

home show art show 2020

You might find the ‘Red Boots’ by Dr. Martens worn on the #iconiccanuck art exhibition tour and even a hockey puck.

brandy saturley Canadian artist studio

Please enjoy this collection of Canadian pop art style paintings, acrylic on canvas, from my studio to you wherever you are in the world. Enjoy the Art, let the colour wash over you and warm you, from your eyes to your mind and filtering through to your heart. Below is an artwork image listing for this art show. Many of the paintings featured in this show are available for sale, click on links below to view details about each artwork, including additional photos and pricing.

art exhibition image listing

List of paintings in the Home Show Art Show 2020

  1. Feathers Over Blanket
  2. Canadian Karaoke
  3. Wreath of Irony
  4. The Weekend Goalie
  5. The Barn
  6. Spirit of Remembrance
  7. The Lucky Mitt
  8. The Ideal Arsenal
  9. HBC Toes
  10. West Coast Solitudes
  11. Stare Time at Lake Louise
  12. Golden Souls of Salt & Wheat
  13. Six Point Leaf
  14. Dr. Marten’s red boots worn at #ICONICCANUCK art shows
  15. crate lid from #ICONICCANUCK
  16. hockey puck
  17. GODOX studio lights
  18. KROMA acrylics paint wall

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