Under the influence of Hockey – The Hockey Collection

The Hockey Collection is a collection of paintings that celebrate and comment on Canada’s national game of ice hockey. These paintings reference famous players, legendary moments, and polarizing characters. These paintings also reference significant works of historical art, marrying influences of art and sport creating a very personal and unique commentary on the influences of hockey and art, which informed the early years of this artists’ oeuvre. In these paintings about hockey you will find humour, symbolism, personal commentary and celebration. Beginning with the iconic ‘Goalie’s Mask Painting’ in 2010, hockey continues to make an appearance in the pop art style paintings of the artist. Recently under COVID-19 the business of hockey received exemptions, because of national interest. Clearly hockey is a huge part of Canadian culture and entertainment in the cold dark winter months.

Many of these paintings about ice hockey in Canada, were featured in the documentary film, ‘The Iconic Canuck’ – where the artist talks about the impetus for her paintings about the NHL and hockey in Canada. Here are 21 paintings for 2021, made over the last decade, paintings about Hockey.

These paintings about ice hockey are part of a larger collection of paintings created by Canadian artist, Brandy Saturley. Know as ‘Pop Canadianisms’ and spanning a decade of the painters’ career, these Canadian pop art paintings create an open dialogue of what it means to be Canadian. They are informed by our iconography, our passion, our humour, our tolerance and kindness. These paintings of Victoria born artist Brandy Saturley, have garnered the artist notoriety as “The Voice of Canadian Pop Art”.