13 Years Making Art as a Professional Canadian Artist.

It is true that in some cultures, the number 13 is lucky. Last year I entered my 13th year of making Art and working as a professional Canadian Artist, full-time. July 1st every year, which coincidentally is Canada Day, always marks the anniversary of my Art business. Every year, I write a new blog post celebrating the day and reflecting on the year that was. Last year I gave each year a ‘period or theme’ to represent the year. From paintings of trees to Las Vegas and The Beatles to the Big C, there have been many thematic transitions in my work over the years. Year 5 marked the beginning of #ICONICCANUCK and shortly after my ‘Pop Canadianisms’ took over right up until year 13. Consistency found in the theme of ‘Canada’ and in year 13, I decided to ‘disrupt’ my practice to grow as an artist by jetting off to London for a month, a big gamble for an artist who has developed an identity as ‘the Voice of Canadian Pop Art’.

As we are now in the COVID-19 era, I am even more convinced that year 13 was indeed lucky, because if it happened this year, it would not have happened. Year 13 included an invitation to join the summer contemporary art intensive at the world’s number one postgraduate art school, the Royal College of Art in London, England – I spent a month making art, talking art and showing art in a school that includes alumnus such as David Hockney and Tracey Emin, two of the biggest artist names in the world, and one of the oldest art institutions. It was an EPIC experience and am so grateful to all the artists, educators and art lovers who helped make it one of the most enriching experiences of my career, so far. Wow, I am still basking in the warm glow of that experience. Rather than recap the past 13 years, this year I want to recap the past 12 months, because these last few have been LONGGGG, so here we go!

Here are, twelve images for 12 months of my 13th year as a full-time professional Canadian Artist.

July 2019 – The Pack and Tidy

Canadian artists studio Brandy Saturley

Tidying up studio before leaving for London.

August 2019 – The London Studio

Professional Canadian artist

professional Canadian artist

professional Canadian artist

Brandy Saturley in painting studios at RCA Battersea London, UK and final exhibition at the Dyson Gallery.

September 2019 – Blending New Concepts with Existing Projects

Brandy Saturley painting Canadian Landscapes

Brandy Saturley painting on large landscapes un-stretched cotton duck canvas in her Victoria BC Studio

October 2019: Documentary – The Iconic Canuck

Brandy Saturley talking with Winnipeg filmmaker Randy Frykas, in her North Saanich studio.

November 2019 – painting REALLY BIG Landscapes

December 2019 – Christmas Catalgoue

Canadian Art catalogue magazine

Annual Christmas catalogue mailed out to collectors.

January 2020 – People of Canada

Portraits of Canadians by Brandy Saturley

Portrait painting by Brandy Saturley for the People of Canada Portrait series.

February 2020 – Different Strokes

painting of Canadian flag 2020

New painting technique post London is developing in a new landscape painting.

March 2020 – Print Run

canadian artist editions

20 paintings offered as digital reproduction prints on paper for 2020.

April 2020 – First Virtual Exhibition

Landscape art exhibition

First exhibition of Mountain Forms Collective – collaborative mountain paintings by Brandy Saturley & Gisa Mayer.

May 2020 – Second Virtual Exhibition & Underwater

Canadian Art Project

First Exhibition of The People of Canada Portrait Project by Brandy Saturley – collaboration with everyday Canadians across the country.

Brandy Saturley studio flood

Pipe burst in my studio and the restoration crew had to be called in during a pandemic!

June 2020 – A Modern Romance 

paintings about romance

About Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley

With my studio temporarily moved to a small bedroom, my work began to focus on the romance of the small apartment studio as it brought back memories from my early days painting and living in my 600 SqFt condo. Always keep your old easel!

July 2020 – Third Virtual Exhibition – The BIG ONE

Brandy Saturley Gallery Canadian Paintings

With Canada Day in the air and a new painting inspired by the need for HUGS across the country, I opened my third virtual exhibition experience, this time featuring 51 paintings from the past decade of painting Pop Canadianisms.

It has been quite the year! ‘before times’ is a term that is quickly identifying a different time in or culture, as things start to open up here again in Canada I am excited to be going out on the road, haven’t left the island since the end of February and this time I will be driving through Saskatchewan, a prairie province I have never visited.

Right now the focus is to keep on making Art, making paintings, selling paintings, showing art, re-building my studio and maybe even finding an art advisor, dealer or salesperson that loves my Art and shares my values. For me it is important to keep on investing in myself. I have been doing it all for 13 years and I could use an art advisor on my side, the right gallery in my corner or perhaps simply a sales person to help push the work out further than I have already done on my own.

Be well out there and keep on pushing forward.

Sincerely Yours,

Brandy Saturley

Canadian Art in BC’s Capital

The Canadian art gallery landscape is vast, diverse, and reflects the interests and loves of the art collectors in each region. The centre of the Canadian Art World has always been Toronto, but this is shifting with the galleries in Winnipeg, Montreal, and Vancouver becoming serious contenders for Canada’s art loving obsessions.

But what about Vancouver Island? That westernmost haven of outdoors loving, nature appreciating, and the Island life loving set?

Growing up on Vancouver Island was an endless adventure spent exploring beaches, lakes and forests. It is a place that was, and remains, a bit disconnected from the rest of Canada, a biosphere all its own. Many who were born on this island leave for bigger salaries and more opportunity in cities like Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. Some have migrated to areas where the cost of living is so appealing that they are willing to swallow the long, cold winters of the ‘Great White North’. A few have trekked across the border hoping to make it big in the big US cities of New York, Chicago and Portland.

My career as a visual artist began as soon as I picked up a handful of earth, blossomed in high school art class, and given fuel to start my journey as a professional in college. For the past 11 years I have been fortunate enough to work full-time as a professional visual artist, traveling across Canada-land learning everything I could about the art galleries, artist-run centres, commercial galleries and public galleries across the country. I am a painter who has managed to make a living as an independent self-representing artist, with the exception of my public gallery exhibitions, which allow me to keep a connection with the Canadian Art world.

I never left Vancouver Island, the home to one of Canada’s most famous historical painters Emily Carr, and thanks to the Internet and my ability to travel at a moment’s notice, I have managed to make a career on this Island in a bubble. I guess in some ways I see myself as an ambassador of ‘my island’ and the artists and people that make their living here in Victoria, BC. I have successfully built a Canada-wide following of collectors, without formal gallery representation.

It can be challenging to get people to hop on that ferry from mainland Vancouver and venture to Vancouver Island, where you can also fly to from Vancouver Harbour and absorb the beauty of our biosphere. Victoria has some great art galleries to explore, here are five of my favourite galleries in Victoria BC. As for my work, it can be seen in the public galleries I show with across Canada, or by appointment in my private studio, when you visit beautiful Vancouver Island.

  • West End Gallery – image Blu Smith, Victoria BC

West End Gallery is a family owned and operated art gallery, specializing in Canadian art since 1975, in Victoria BC.

  • Madrona Gallery – image Guthrie Gloag, BC


Madrona Gallery is a contemporary and historic fine art gallery located in downtown Victoria. The gallery exhibits work from Canadian Masters such as Emily Carr, the Group of Seven, J.W. Morrice, E. J Hughes and their contemporaries; art from established and emerging Canadian artists. The gallery also exhibits a world-class collection of Inuit carvings, drawings and prints.

  • Winchester Galleries – image Joe Coffey

Fine art dealers of Canadian, American and international art. For over 35 years, Winchester Galleries has held important exhibitions and built private collections for clients in Canada and worldwide.

  • Alcheringa Gallery – image George Littlechild

Alcheringa is an Aboriginal Australian word for the Dreamtime, the mythical time of creation, when the world and all living creatures were sung into existence. The mandate of the gallery is to create a following for the work of individual aboriginal artists in the fine art market in Canada and abroad.

  • Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (AGGV) image: Emily Carr

When it first opened in 1951, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria exhibited art in the historic 1889 mansion that is now adjacent to its seven modern galleries. With almost 20,000 works of art including a large collection of works by Emily Carr, the Art Gallery has the largest public collection in BC and remains a big part of Victoria’s arts community.

Art in Victoria is much more than what can be seen in the galleries, and in my next post I will share my favourite places for eclectic art and experiences in the capital city known for it’s gardens.

Sincerely Yours,

Brandy Saturley

IN PRINT: Canadian artists from Vancouver Island featured in Salt Magazine

Originally published November 25, 2016

Paintings by Brandy Saturley featured in SALT Magazine Nov. 2016

It has been quite the journey this year, exploring Canada. From the most rural to the grandest; I am cultivating a visual language that is distinctly Canadian. Most recently I visited Toronto for the Art Toronto International Contemporary Art Fair, with stops in Montreal and Ottawa. Working as a full-time professional visual artist, on remote Vancouver Island, comes with it’s challenges as I have worked to establish myself nationally and internationally. My travels of this past year help to keep me connected to the national discussion about Canadian art, and through this I have extended my reach across the country. This brings me to a print magazine my work was included in recently. Salt Magazine Fall/Winter 2016 issue – A publication produced on Vancouver Island by Page One Publishing Inc., that promotes fine living and travel on Vancouver Island. Distributed in Alberta, Vancouver, and to subscribers across Canada. The feature, ‘Island Inspired’ written by editor Carolyn Camilleri, features three Vancouver Island artists, including my ‘Canadianisms’, whose work has gained exposure beyond the island market.  Full article here. Keep on exploring and creating; vive le Canada! and bravo Vancouver Island artists! ~ Brandy Saturley

Vancouver Island Artists featured in SALT Magazine

<img src=”” alt=”Salt Magazine Island Inspired” />