Sharing The View – Figurative Art

When I am not in the studio, I am outside exploring with my Nikon camera. I have always enjoyed observing life, appreciating the details, and looking for the connections. One thing I have noticed over the years is how the immense beauty of our natural landscapes and events, do not go unappreciated. Whether at the base of a great Rocky Mountain in Banff, or sitting on a dock with a seaside view; nature’s marvelous events cause us to gather, stop, and take notice. They offer a backdrop to a special occasion and a place to return to for celebrations. Sometimes these grand backdrops are simply a place to pause, to gather our thoughts, to process our day, and even help find solutions. Whether you practice yoga, meditation or mindfulness; nature grounds us. It may be a place to enjoy a glass of vino and a good conversation, a place to fall in love, or enjoy that first coffee drink of the day with friends. No matter the reason for seeking a moment in nature, it is something that will always be there as a silent witness, no pressure, just awe-inspiring beauty. Figurative art of nature, these paintings celebrate sharing the view.

Here are three new paintings that speak to these moments of pause, in three distinct landscapes.

figurative art

A Sunset Between Us – painting of sunset on BC Ferries Boat

Figurative Art

Here Comes The Sunset – painting of sunset in Tofino harbour

Figurative Art

Stare Time at Lake Louise – enjoying the view at Lake Louise

Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley studio

Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley in her studio

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