Tax Refund? Consider the benefits of investing in original art.

Art, Wine, or Concert? have you ever considered the benefits of taking your tax refund and investing it in original art from an independent living artist?

Wine, Art, and Musical investments have offered better returns than cash or government bonds since 1900, research finds. When I buy art I’m not really looking for a reason, other than pure enjoyment of the artwork. I invest in things that I fall in love with, that bring me joy and that enrich my life in a way that money alone cannot. No matter how much you may love your stock, it doesn’t deliver the same jolt as a cellar full of wine or a house packed with original art. Life is hard, and far too short, I want to fill my world with things that make me vibrate from the inside out.

As a painter I live in a constant state of awareness and painting is about making people see, it’s about passion for life and all that surrounds, it is about connection to the vibrational systems of Earth and all it’s beauty. Art is an extension of the nature, no matter what it is we humans create, it is all ultimately inspired by nature. I am privileged to live a life of bleeding my heart out onto the canvas, and writing visual stories for future generations to enjoy.

While there are many options when it comes to investing your tax refund, I encourage you to take a some of that money, and invest it in pure, original, real, art, from a living artist. The benefits last generations and can be enjoyed daily. Buying Art is an investment in your good health and the health of those around you.

Here are five paintings to invest your tax refund into;

Golden Hour in The Heart of Canoeland – two scarlet red canoes meet at sunset, on a lake in Canada.

tax refund buy art

Mount Temple – A pop art style painting of a great peak in Alberta, this is Mt. Temple.

tax refund buy art

Dreaming Under Northern Lights – crisp northern air, standing under the aurora borealis.

tax refund buy art

King of The Polar Bears – A Polar Bear rides on the roof of a scarlet red JEEP wrangler, snow capped Mt. Robson in the background.

invest in original art

Queen of The Polar Bears – a female Polar Bear rides on the roof of a scarlet red JEEP wrangler, stopped on the railroad tracks of prairie Alberta.

tax refund buy art

Symbolic and painted with a distinctive Canadian ‘pop art’ style, these figurative landscapes bring together realistically painted subjects, set against vividly abstracted backgrounds. Creating stories about the landscape, rather than true to life representations. This collection of paintings features people and wildlife enjoying vast outdoor spaces, something that is plentiful in Canada. Sometimes musical or lyrical in nature, the artist paints stories influenced by her love of the geography of Canada.

See more artwork by Brandy Saturley.

Collectors Art: curated art collections, ready for you to purchase.

In our first article about curated art collections, we talked about the inception of the idea for these collectors art boxes, crated and ready for you to purchase.

The first release of ‘BOX SETS’ in March was a great success. A limited time offering to own curated art collections; ready to hang in your home, corporate art collection or office. With the first limited time offering, we presented five distinct hand painted art crates filled with various sizes of important original fine artworks, paintings created by Canadian artist, Brandy Saturley. With the first five crates we offered a range of sizes from small artworks in the 12″ x 12″ size to larger artworks such as 30″ x 40″ and 36″ x 36″. These art collections ranged in price from $3000.00 to $29,000.00.  With this second release of fine art to collect, we are going bigger, not only in the size of artworks available, but in the size of the art collections contained within each crate.

Crate #6 is a stunner! The paintings of Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley, are stories of the landscape told using brush on canvas. These artworks are vivid love letters inspired by Canada and beyond. This crate contains a wealth of art; not only in value, but also in beauty. The ‘Beauty’ collection includes six original fine artworks painted between 2010 and 2017. Artworks included in this collection feature iconic Canadian landscapes such as; views of Lake Louise from Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Babel, Robson and Assiniboine mountains from the Rocky Mountain range, the commemorative Canada150 tulip, the red maple leaf, and red poppies. These paintings are more than your average landscape painting, much more. Employing the artists’ signature vivid and saturated palette and utilizing abstract form and shape, these landscapes tell stories far beyond the landscapes themselves. Offering you, the collector, the ultimate way to invest in an art collection. Pre-selected and ready to hang, with the finest coated hanging wire professionally affixed to the back of each piece. Making collecting original fine art online, easy.

More than landscapes, I am telling visual stories.

“I am continually and obsessively consuming this world and expressing it vividly on canvas, I am not just painting what I see, I am painting the story of what I see. I am continually collecting experiences, spurned by my travels. My excavation of the world around me begins with exploring, I am continually exploring the world, and drinking it all in, through my eyes, ears, nose and tongue. As I move throughout the world, I am continually collecting and re-imagining. I am a storyteller, but not the writing kind, words are not my forte and reading a book can take years. With everything I experience my mind begins to draw, so as reading can inspire thoughts and images in my head, it can also impede me from finishing a chapter as my mind begins to paint.

Most of the paintings you see, begin with an idea and a photograph, I begin with a central theme or focal point and then the brush tells me where to go. I do not plan out my paintings from beginning to end, I do not begin with a number of sketches or rigorous blueprint. I have tried creating from sketches, and while they are a great starting point, much like my photos, they are just the point of inception. Once the painting begins, the painting tells me where to go, and it doesn’t always work out, and this allows for innovation. I drink it all in, and then I paint it all out. I make art because it is what I have done my whole life. I never really had a choice in the matter, art chose me and I obliged. My biggest fear is that I will die with all these ideas left in my head, and yet the more art I make, the more I have to make. Art never sleeps and the job of an artist never ends.”

As for the crate that the paintings are safely stored within, it is imbued with it’s own signature artwork.

There are many passionate stories being expressed in this art collection. Below we will highlight each painting with a comment about each piece from the artist.

Here are ‘THE PAINTINGS’ in BOX SET #6:

  1. Poppies For Louise
    painting of Lake Louise with red poppies









A painting of ruby red poppies on the shore of Lake Louise with a signature red canoe, turquoise waters, glaciers and mountain in the background – Canadian flag imposed. A love letter to Lake Louise, this piece is inspired by the composition of the Canadian Flag set against the turquoise blue waters of Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. The red canoe, features the number nine, the most star worn number in professional hockey and the NHL. An ode to Canada, from sea to sky and sport to nature.

2. Patchwork Nation

painting of maple leaf on prairies

A painting of a Canadian Maple Leaf on an aerial view of the prairies and the multicolored crops and lines as seen by air when you fly over Mantioba and Saskatchewan. Canada is a Patchwork Nation and this piece is a re-imagining of the Canadian flag against the abstract aerial view of the prairie crops.

3. Assiniboine

a painting of mount assiniboine

This painting is my representation of Mount Assiniboine, a pyramidal peak mountain on the Great Divide on the BC/Alberta border. This peak is nicknamed, ‘the Matterhorn of the Rockies’, for it’s resemblance to the Matterhorn in the Alps. I imagined Warhol painting these peaks, with his POP Art palette. In total there are 13 peaks in this series, some of the most famous and least known peaks in the Rocky Mountain range from BC to Alberta.

4. Robson

painting of Mount Robson on collectors wall

This painting is my representation of Mt. Robson, it is the most prominent mountain in the Rocky Mountain range and the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. Bordering BC and Alberta, Mt. Robson is awe-inspiring and takes your breath away as you drive into the park and hike to the base of the mountain. In 2010, I found myself on a new journey, this time travelling through the land of giants, the Rocky Mountains of the Western Canadian Landscape. I felt utterly alone in a hauntingly impressive landscape as I watched sunrise paint these snowy peaks, casting shadows and vivid shades of blue, purple, orange, blue-green depending on time of day and position of the sun or moon. From the Group of Seven to Robert Genn, these mountains have romanced many and the love affair continues.

5. Babel

painting of babel hanging on an art collectors wall

Part of the, ‘I See Mountains’ series inspired by peaks in the Canadian Rocky Mountain range from BC to Alberta. Mount Babel is a peak in the Bow Range in Banff, Alberta that bears a resemblance to the tower of From the Group of Seven to Warhol, these mountains have romanced many and the love affair continues.

6. Charity

canadian art painting on a wall

My expression of the Canada150 tulip. The most common meaning for tulips is perfect or deep love. Because tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they can mean rebirth. Victorians often associated tulips with charity, and the Dutch associate tulips with “Thanks” to Canadian soldiers that liberated The Netherlands in World War II.

As for the crate that the paintings are safely stored within, imbued with it’s own signature artwork. As seen below;

art shipping crate storage

This crate safely houses the artworks of BOX SET #6, is painted with a graphic rendering of the painting ‘Poppies For Louise’ which is contained within the crate itself.

On the reverse side of the crate the words, ‘Beauty Day’ emblazon the crate – a common saying in Canada on a beautiful sunny day.

art shipping crate painted with text

Art to talk about for generations to come, view the collections now.

10 Paintings to Collect from the past 5 years.

I love painting. I have loved painting every since I was properly introduced to the medium at art college over 20 years ago now. I used to draw portraits in black in white, graphite and pencil, I used to live in a world that was void of colour. Drawing is an important medium to learn the basics of composition, form and light. Drawing is considered the foundation for becoming a great painter. Then I squeezed vivid magenta from a paint tube, it’s glossiness grabbing the light and reflecting it back to me in 3D, I was in love and I found my new drug. For me painting is the language of passion, love and happiness and my signature as a painter became my bold use of vivid colour. When I think about 10 paintings to collect, I have trouble nailing things down to just ten.

As the creator of the paintings, I have a love/hate relationship with the work and perhaps this is because I remember all the ups and downs of the painting. As with any great painting, there must be struggle, and struggle births solutions. Without rain, flowers do not grow and without that internal struggle, the artwork cannot evolve. I find that the paintings which become my favourite, are rarely the favourite of the viewer, as their only relationship with the piece is the end result, and my relationship with the work happens during the process. I recall every stroke and every challenge we went through, in order to create the final work seen by the art lover.

This holiday season I have decided to select 10 artworks from the past five years, that I truly love, that continue to be favourites. (not including sold works) These are works that I feel define my identity as a painter and my signature as a Canadian artist. These are paintings I love, as they are more than ‘pretty pictures’, they tell stories and engage viewers. There is something that everyone can connect to in these paintings, and they offer a respite from other forms of entertainment. Much like a good book or a great film, these paintings go deep and offer much in return. “Talking pieces for your guests, your clients and your loved ones. Enjoy these ten paintings, and remember to click through on the links provided to see the paintings in larger detail and more vivid colour.

Canadian Karaoke

30″ x 24″ – acrylic on canvas – 2018

Current Price and view larger


48″ x 36″ – acrylic on canvas – 2017

Current Price and view larger

Raised In The Sky

48″ x 36″ – acrylic on canvas – 2017

Current Price and view larger

10 paintings to collect

West Coast View

48″ x 36″ – acrylic on canvas – 2017

Current Price and view larger

YIN Rising

48″ x 36″ – acrylic on canvas – 2017

Current Price and view larger

A Landscape To Go

36″ x 36″ – acrylic on wood – 2017

Current Price and view larger

10 paintings to collect

Remember Us

36″ x 36″ – acrylic on canvas – 2014

Current Price and view larger

Complimentary Canoes

24″ x 48″ – acrylic on canvas – 2016

Current Price and view larger

We Can Fit in My Canoe

24″ x 48″ – acrylic on canvas – 2016

Current Price and view larger

Leaf In Repose

24″ x 24″ – acrylic on canvas – 2016

Current Price and view larger

Art Shipping Brandy Saturley

Delivering now until December 15th, purchase before the next price increase in January 2019. Questions? Contact the artist:


Buying Art Online is Easy – Buy From The Heart

Choosing a piece of original art can be a daunting process, buying art online is easy and a relatively new experience, it is not painful or difficult. Whether you’re looking for a painting to suit a small or larger space here are some things to consider:

Create a budget. Establish your ‘ideal’ budget for a new artwork, and then add a little more for wiggle room. Why? You may find that next masterpiece is a tiny bit over your planned budget and if your budget is inflexible, you could always negotiate with the artist. There are many ways I accommodate my buyers requests, it may be free shipping, it could be a discount on multiple works, or it could be a financing plan to help assist you with buying the art you want, while paying for it over a time period that suits your budget. (Current pricing on artwork from Brandy Saturley)

Know your space. Knowing the dimensions of the intended wall space where your new artwork will hang, will help you narrow down your selection. If you have a theme, particular taste or colour palette, complement it. And by complement, we don’t mean matching the room perfectly — if your intention is to create a room that features bold, statement pieces, you might like to choose artworks that stand-out against the interior. If your intention is to buy a piece that reflects your personal style, tastes, and loves – selecting art becomes an extension of you, it is your way to be a collaborator in the creative process that reflects your personality – the art you choose becomes an extension of YOU. (Art Collector Homes – Inside A Contemporary West Coast Home)

Communicate with the artist. Our lives are a collection of memories, experiences and stories. You have your eye on an artwork, but would like to know the inspiration behind it, reaching out to the artist will help in painting a fuller picture of the piece and in turn develop your appreciation for the piece. Communicating with the artist will give you a whole new understanding of the piece, the intricacies of the creation, and the backstory of the work behind a piece of fine art. (A Day in The Life – documenting the creative process)

The only rule in buying art, buy what you love. Buying art is a very personal thing. If you connect with a certain painting, it will represent more than just a painting hanging on a wall; the art you choose is an expression of who you are. If you find an artwork that speaks to you, BUY IT. Fear of missing out can be an awful feeling.

Testimonials are another way to instill confidence that you are buying from a reputable gallery or independent artist, these references offer some idea of what your collecting experience will be like as a buyer. (Appreciation From Art Collectors)

If you LOVE it, if you ABSOLUTELY have to have it, then BUY it, you will never be disappointed when you buy something you LOVE.

All that is left to do now, is start shopping!  Happy art hunting.