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Red Dots Mean The Vision of The Artist Survives

Symbolically Yours, From Canada opened the day before Canada Day 2020. This virtual 3D art show, produced by the artist Brandy Saturley, allows the viewer to virtually experience a Canadian Art show a decade in the making. With 51 paintings encompassing themes of popular Canadian culture including; hockey, landscapes, musicians, icons, still life and landscapes, this show is Canada through the eyes of The Artist.

With twelve red dots currently up on the walls, this is 12/51 paintings which have sold ranging between $4000 and $15,000. Red dots on a gallery wall mean SOLD – they also mean that an artist can continue to make artwork and push their distinct vision out to the world. After all the job of the artist (in 9-5 world career terms) is to get the world to SEE, to open our eyes, to paint a picture of the world that we are too busy to see. When you buy a distinctly original work of art, something uniquely quirky, you are buying the artists’ vision. From an investment perspective, an original artwork brings more long term value and enjoyment than a reproduction.

The SOLD paintings from this show have joined collections across Canada. Here are a handful of Canadian cities that have added the paintings of Brandy Saturley to their art collections;

Oak Bay, BC – private art collection

Mont-Royal, Quebec – Colart Collection

painting of hockey mask and sticks - Canadian Art - Brandy Saturley

Sherwood Park, Alberta – private collection

painting of paddling at lake louise

Edmonton, Alberta – private collection

painting of cowboy on horse at calgary stampede

Montreal, Quebec – private collection

lawren Harris homage painting by Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley

Mississauga, Ontario – private collection

Canadian painting - self portrait of the artist Brandy Saturley

Above are six paintings that have SOLD – see the other six and discover one to add to your collection – show open until August 30th, 2020 – online worldwide access.

Brandy Saturley Gallery Canadian Paintings

When you buy artwork from this exhibition, you are buying directly from the artist, not an advisor or gallery. This means from start to finish you will always be dealing with the artist, and not an intermediary. This also means 100% of what a painting sells for goes back to The Artist. A self-representing artist for over 13 years now, so you also have the added confidence that your are buying from an experienced fine artist and professional art business.

A few testimonials from collectors and associates here.

Symbolically Yours,

Brandy Saturley

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