The Art of Collecting Original Art – The Box Sets

art collectors crate art shipping

When collecting original Art, gives you something more than the art itself It was a decade ago now when I began shipping my artwork across North America. To art shows, art galleries, corporate collections, and private art collectors who purchased my paintings to display on the walls of their homes, and in their office lobby’s. […]

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Brandy Saturley Commissioned Art

How to Commission an Original Pop Realism Painting by Brandy Saturley – The Voice of Canadian Pop Art Brandy Saturley has painted numerous commissioned original paintings in her unique pop realism aesthetic for Canadian art collectors, worldwide. Each commissioned painting is conceived through a collaborative process with the client. Saturley has journeyed across Canada and the United States; on […]

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Making Art in Canada 2018

canadian painting art Brandy Saturley

Becoming the Voice of Canadian Pop Art, how I kept things rolling in 2018 Here are my ‘Art’ highlights from 2018. January – POP Canadianisms are born New paintings, new work expressing a symbolic view on our landscapes and culture of the time. What began as #iconiccanuck in 2011, morphed into #Canadianisms in 2017, this […]

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10 For Remembrance Day

Canadian Art: Remembering and Honouring Canada’s Role in the Wars Every year on November 11th a somber tone blankets Canada, as a Canadian artist this national day of Remembrance has bled into my artwork. Some Canadian artists’ express their thoughts through poetry, music and even film. My chosen mediums are painting and photography and I […]

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ART AND THE CITY: Couture Beyond in Vancouver

The Vancouver Art Gallery gets theatrical, thanks to Guo Pei. In October, the Autumn colours in greater Vancouver are exuberant and vivid. The whole city is ablaze in crimson, saffron and golden yellow, with dramatic contrasts against glass and grey architecture and shifting skies. Autumn is sensual, vivacious and uplifting. If Autumn were a movie […]

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