Three New Paintings – Sharing The View With Loved Ones

When I am not in the studio, I am outside exploring with my Nikon camera. I have always enjoyed observing life, appreciating the details, and looking for the connections. One thing I have noticed over the years is how the immense beauty of our natural landscapes and events, do not go unappreciated. Whether at the base of a great Rocky Mountain in Banff, or sitting on a dock with a seaside view; nature’s marvelous events cause us to gather, stop, and take notice. They offer a backdrop to a special occasion and a place to return to for celebrations. Sometimes these grand backdrops are simply a place to pause, to gather our thoughts, to process our day, and even help find solutions. Whether you practice yoga, meditation or mindfulness; nature grounds us. It may be a place to enjoy a glass of vino and a good conversation, a place to fall in love, or enjoy that first coffee drink of the day with friends. No matter the reason for seeking a moment in nature, it is something that will always be there as a silent witness, no pressure, just awe-inspiring beauty.

Here are three new paintings that speak to these moments of pause, in three distinct landscapes.

Sunset on a BC Ferry

A Sunset Between Us – painting of sunset on BC Ferries Boat

Here Comes The Sunset – painting of sunset in Tofino harbour

Stare Time at Lake Louise – enjoying the view at Lake Louise

Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley in her studio

More About the Artist – Artist Influences

“There are many artists who have informed my work over the years and influenced my painting style. The works of Canadian painters Lawren Harris, Alex Colville, Ted Godwin, Jock MacDonald, Bertram Brooker, Greg Curnoe, William Kurelek and Prudence Heward continue to influence the direction of my work as I work on re-framing the Canadian landscape…READ MORE

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