Celebrating Flag Day with the Canadian Flag in Art

With a focus on Canada for the past decade, it was only a matter of time before the Canadian Flag found itself into this body of paintings celebrating the True North. Over the past decade of painting Canada on canvas the Canadian Flag, emblazoned with the red maple leaf has appeared in my work more than a dozen times. Here are my top four picks from ‘Canadianisms’ celebrating the Canadian Flag in art.

Poppies For Louise – painting featuring Lake Louise using the composition of the Canadian Flag. Brandy Saturley, 2011


On Guard – painting featuring the sport of hockey using the composition of the Canadian Flag and Canadian Rocky Mountains. Colart Collection, Montreal. Brandy Saturley 2013


Under a Borealis Sky – painting of The North with the aurora borealis and snowy landscape behind, child floating on an ice drift in the foreground wrapped in the Canadian Flag. Brandy Saturley, 2011


The Famous Goalie Mask Painting on the Canadian Flag, after O’Keeffe Shortlisted for the Olympic Trophy in Sport & Art in 2014 – Brandy Saturley, 2011

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