Montreal Canadiens in Art

Nine Paintings – the Montreal Canadiens in Art

A decade ago I red a book called, ‘The Game’ by Ken Dryden, the rest is history. Here are nine paintings, celebrating the influence of the Montreal Canadiens in Canadian Art. From the blue, white and red to the punch line, and the goal tenders perspective to the fans. These paintings about hockey, Canada’s favourite game. From Jacques Plante to Carey Price, the Target Mask or Ken Dryden’s pretzel mask on the Canadian flag, celebrating the Habs in Art.

“When you are a presence, there are many things you need not do, for it is simply understood you can do them. So you don’t do them. You don’t risk what you need not risk, you let others’ imaginations do them for you, for they do them better than you can. Like the man who opens his mouth to prove he’s a fool, often the more you do, the more you look like everyone else.”
― Ken Dryden, The Game

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