painting of Canadian flag 2020

O Canada! Ten Paintings for Flag Day in Canada.

I began painting ‘Pop Canadianisms’ in 2010, these paintings inspired by Canada’s popular culture, symbols, landscapes and icons have taken me on an unforgettable journey, as sweet as maple syrup! As a result, the iconic Canadian Flag of red, white and maple leaf appear throughout my paintings of the past decade. Whether using the composition of the Canadian flag, the maple leaf emblem or painting the flag waving in the landscape, I have the Maple Leaf flag imprinted on my temporal lobe. National Flag of Canada Day is observed annually on February 15th across Canada, to commemorate the inauguration of the maple leaf flag in 1965. Amid much controversy, the Maple Leaf flag replaced the Canadian Red Ensign, which had been in conventional use as a Canadian national flag since 1868.

The flag, and use of the composition, have appeared in my paintings dozens of times over the past decade, here are 10 of my favourite paintings that feature the Canadian flag from the past decade.

1. Stitched in Canada, 2020

painting of Canadian flag 2020

2. Under A Borealis Sky, 2011

3. From the Forest to The See, 2016

Canada flag and woman painting

4. Goalie’s Mask; red, white & Dryden, 2011

Ken Dryden Goalies mask on the Canadian Flag

5. Poppies For Louise, 2011

painting of Lake Louise with red poppies

6. On Guard, 2013

painting of hockey mask and sticks

7. Canoe View, 2016

a canoe and a canada flag paddle

8. Rubber & Bone (Canadian still life), 2012

deer jaw bone hockey pucks and canada flag still life painting

9. West Coast View, 2011

island view beach, canada flag, nature painting

10. Lovers in a Dangerous Time, 2015

lovers painting canada flag

Confronting the Enormity of Canada has become an obsession. I began life on an island on the western-most point in Canada, called Vancouver Island. As a consequence, my preoccupation became everything that existed in my country, but not my island home. My paintings encompass themes related to Canadian popular culture, symbolism, and the landscape; distinctly rendered in my signature pop realism aesthetic. Now over 50 paintings in this collection, view the entire collection now.

Sincerely Yours,

Brandy Saturley

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