Emphasis in Art

What Makes it Stand Out – Emphasis in Art

Creating a focal point in your paintings and something that stands out is referred to as emphasis in art. But what makes art stand out from the crowd, is a distinctive fingerprint, or in marketing terms, brand, that signifies your work. It’s the YOU in YOUR WORK, that makes you stand out.

Emphasis in Art

Ukraine Strong – 40×30, acrylic on canvas, 2023 Brandy Saturley

When I think about great art, it is what stands out that resonates for generations. Some people call it weird art, quirky, controversial, political, and even haunting. Whatever you call it, it sometimes can’t be explained, all we know is that it elicits an emotional response of some kind that imprints on the brain of viewers so intently that it can’t be forgotten. Sometimes these works come with stories created by the masses trying to discern what the piece means. These stories carry on and on and travel miles and generations, sometimes they are intensely studied. Examples of this are the Mona Lisa, Warhol’s process, Picasso’s lovers and even the album covers and music of the Beatles. These stories become pulp fictions and folklore. For an artist who paints visual stories on canvas, it is quite fascinating.

Emphasis in Art

Let Your Backbone Rise, 36×36, acrylic on canvas, 2024 – Brandy Saturley

Some days I lie low on Threads and listen to the conversation of ‘Art Threaders’ – there is a great deal of chatter here amongst artists of all stages and levels and it surprises me how openly they are sharing. I saw one post that made me laugh and then cry shortly after. The artist stated that they were tired of painting for the market and commissions for clients and they hoped to walk away from it all and paint really weird shit as it comes out of their head for the next few years. This can be difficult for an artist as many work side gigs to fund their dreams or are constantly hustling to keep afloat. An art consultant said to me the other day that artists aren’t good at business right? and that really depends on what kind of artist we are talking about, because an artist that came to it after retirement after working in the silicon valley, is not the kind of artist I am talking about. To me the weirdos, the rock stars, the ones who enchant and are fiercely themselves, these are the true artists.

Emphasis in Art

On Guard 24×36, acrylic on canvas, 2024 – Brandy Saturley

True artists know how to hustle, they have to for survival, and for me that makes them better at business than most people. They certainly have street smarts , are autodidacts and have a thirst for knowledge of all kinds. These artists stand out and are undeniably unique. These are the artists creating the greatest work in the world.

famous canadian painting

Hearts on Our Sleeves – 40×30, acrylic on canvas, 2017 – Brandy Saturley

Building a career from the ground up, is something I know about. Doing it without a degree, and the means, and then becoming a success, is something I also know about. I’m not a classical singer, I am a rock star, who grew up the child of an artist who never had the means and never realized a professional career. What this afforded me was a distinctive voice that is so my own, it stands out in any room, amongst other paintings or otherwise. Authenticity is important to me, which is why I take on very few commissions.

Emphasis in Art

Hand Painted Art Crates for 2013 solo exhibitions – Brandy Saturley

So here’s to the creators that fearlessly follow their own path, and not the market. The one’s who hold fast and true to their visions. Stay the course, it will take you far beyond your time on Earth.

Emphasis in Art – Talking About my distinctive brand of ‘Pop Canadianisms’

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Brandy Saturley