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New Paintings and 3D artworks made during COVID-19

Since March, my brain has been overflowing with imagery, the best way to describe it is, my brain is on fire. Not on fire in a bad way, on fire in the way you want your brain to be as an artist. This is not a time for choosing one idea over the other, this is a time to let ‘the flow’ take hold. I have finished six new paintings since March 15, 2020. Vancouver Island began shutting down around mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I began ramping up. I released 10 more fine art prints from the ‘Canadianisms’ series, I launched an on-line 3D virtual reality exhibition of collaborative landscapes that Calgary artist Gisa Mayer , and I have painted 4 new large scale pieces on canvas as well as two smaller pieces. Typically my schedule is a month in the studio and a week on the road, but because of Coronavirus lock-downs across North America, I haven’t ventured much further than my studio for over two months. My last trip was to Vancouver in February this year.

Today, I photographed the new paintings and also took some time to put the images into ‘living spaces’ to give you an idea of how beautifully these pieces work in different interiors. Here are my new artworks made under COVID-19.

Time In A Bubble – completed March 2020

modern art painting bubble

Please Stand By – completed March 2020

COVID-19 stay at home painting

To The See – completed March 2020

For the past couple months I have been painting circles in my mind, and on my canvas. I am not sure why, they just seem to resonate with me right now under the current COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps it is the circles I am seeing from the microscopic images of the virus itself, it could be molecules, something molecular. It could be the shape of the earth, or the ‘circles’ that are our homes and families. The circles that Dr. Bonnie Henry keeps talking about. It could be the circles of life, or what goes around comes around. In any light my brain is seeing circles.

modern art painting Canadian art

Eye See U – painting on carved wooden frame – completed April 2020

pop art painting eyeball

Eye See Bowl – painted on hand turned maple wood bowl – completed April 2020

hand painted art bowl maple turned Canadian art

Here Comes The Sun – completed in April 2020

When I painted this I was thinking about all the couples who are isolating and the ideal place to isolate. My mind drifted to infinity pools, favourite snowbird getaways, and sunshine. I was thinking about the Coachella Valley; Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert and La Quinta.

palm springs art painting infinity pool

These Canadian artworks were painted using the finest acrylic paint from my local supplier KROMA – in a time when it can be challenging to get some things, I am so happy I can rely on KROMA to get my paints to me overnight from Vancouver. Living on Vancouver Island has it’s challenges at times, but so far I have been lucky to have great Canadian suppliers, and mostly local.

It’s a good start, I am on to the next painting, and two more virtual exhibitions coming by July. Excited to see where the vibes of the times take my work.

For now, grab a cocktail and enjoy the art.

Sincerely Yours,


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