Author: The Art of Brandy Saturley

Relentless explorer, full-time visual artist, painter, photographer, published writer and music lover. Film geek, Art geek and Music geek. Nature lover. Living in Canadaland.

The Story Behind A Painting Inspired by Vimy 100

Vimy Jam – A Serendipitous Painting Experience Serendipity is defined as; the phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for, meaning something beautiful coming together, that was not forced or planned in advance that put smiles on the faces of all affected and in doing so alters future events. In the past few weeks, […]

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Top 5 Art Galleries in Victoria BC

Canadian Art in BC’s Capital The Canadian art gallery landscape is vast, diverse, and reflects the interests and loves of the art collectors in each region. The centre of the Canadian Art World has always been Toronto, but this is shifting with the galleries in Winnipeg, Montreal, and Vancouver becoming serious contenders for Canada’s art […]

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Flashback Friday: The IOC Trophy in Sport Art

This week in Canadian Art History – featuring snippets from the career of Canadian Art Star, Brandy Saturley TORONTO, ON April 2015 – This week we received news from the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) that the painting, ‘Goalie’s Mask: red, white & Dryden’, by Canadian visual artist and painter, Brandy Saturley, has been shortlisted for […]

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