Author: The Art of Brandy Saturley

Relentless explorer, full-time visual artist, painter, photographer, published writer and music lover. Film geek, Art geek and Music geek. Nature lover. Living in Canadaland.

10 For Remembrance Day

Canadian Art: Remembering and Honouring Canada’s Role in the Wars Every year on November 11th a somber tone blankets Canada, as a Canadian artist this national day of Remembrance has bled into my artwork. Some Canadian artists’ express their thoughts through poetry, music and even film. My chosen mediums are painting and photography and I […]

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ART AND THE CITY: Couture Beyond in Vancouver

The Vancouver Art Gallery gets theatrical, thanks to Guo Pei. In October, the Autumn colours in greater Vancouver are exuberant and vivid. The whole city is ablaze in crimson, saffron and golden yellow, with dramatic contrasts against glass and grey architecture and shifting skies. Autumn is sensual, vivacious and uplifting. If Autumn were a movie […]

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The Art of Shipping and Protecting Artwork

Behind The Scenes: Packaging Fine Art When it comes to shipping artwork, whether it be across town, across the country or shipping artwork overseas; the packaging of artwork is serious business. About a decade ago I invested time in searching out options for protecting and shipping my paintings. There are many options available, from reinforced cardboard […]

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Art Reveal Magazine UK Issue 42

Canadian Art in the UK – in conversation with Art Reveal Magazine Canadian Art and the UK go hand in hand, with many Canadian families with roots in the United Kingdom it is only fitting that there would be a keen interest in Canadian art overseas.  With the introduction of BC artist and icon, Emily Carr […]

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Pop Canadianisms – Interview with Whitehot Magazine NYC

Talking Pop Canadianisms and Confronting the Enormity of the Landscape, in Canadian Art Typically the ‘art season’ runs September to June, typically my art season as an independent self-representing artist runs the whole year, minus a couple weeks around Christmas holidays. This year I decided to book a month on the Hawaiian Island of Maui […]

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UPDATE: Art in Toronto at the 50th SCA International Exhibition

The Society of Canadian Artists 50th Open International Exhibition welcomed Canadian Art lovers on July 26 at Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Mills Heritage Museum. The show is an outstanding representation of Art in Canada. From realism to abstraction, and emerging to established; the variety of artwork from across Canada is a rare treat for art lovers […]

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