Acrylic, 2010

An ode to the great Canadian music artist, Justin Beiber. With this somewhat 'lowbrow' yet, highbrow painting, I wanted to paint a truly Canadian landscape, somewhat in jest. At the time Justin Beiber was on his second iconic haircut (he was very famous for that side flip haircut) and about to hit the Coachella music festival in the desert of Palm Springs. I decided to paint his well known hair as the landscape in the desert, with the screaming out of breath fans cheering in the foreground. In the melting highway through the desert, a thermometer with a fever, and one of the fans holding a paper, within a headline, 'FEVER' as Bieber Fever was the term of the time. It's a 'Beiberscape' and it is a legendary painting about the most successful music artist produced by Canada. Not your typical Canadian landscape painting, but definitely a 'deep' piece of art.