Stare Time at Lake Louise

Acrylic, 2018

Stare Time at Lake Louise - in 2017 I had two major solo shows of my work in Alberta, one in Edmonton and one in Calgary. The transportation of choice for the second trip, which was in summer that year, was by ruby red JEEP through the Rocky Mountains, I never pass up a chance to travel through the Rocky Mountains of BC and Alberta, every trip offers new views and a new chance to address these icons of the Canadian landscape. With a brief stopover in Banff at Lake Louise, it is a breathtaking spot to pause, no matter the time of year. In the summer the snow and ice have melted and the glacier feeds the lake, filling it with crystal clear turquoise waters. A sparkling and pristine body of blue-green, like a beautiful liquid jewel in the wilderness. Many stop and take this pause, sharing moments with loved ones, drinking in the view, every care just melts away. It is a time for appreciation, reflection, and pause. It took me a while to decide on the title for this piece, and as I painted the final person in the centre, with the distinctive red toque and a navy wool coat memories came to the forefront and a moment in time shared with Alberta family. Cheers to 'stare time', and that first cup of morning coffee!