Mount Temple

Acrylic, 2011

Mount Temple is in Banff National Park of the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, Canada. The peak dominates the western landscape along the Trans-Canada Highway near Lake Louise, you can't drive from Calgary to Canmore without being met by this behemoth of the landscape. In 2010, I found myself on a new journey, this time travelling through the land of giants, the Rocky Mountains of the Western Canadian Landscape. I felt utterly alone in a hauntingly impressive landscape as I watched sunrise paint these snowy peaks, casting shadows and vivid shades of blue, purple, orange, blue-green depending on time of day and position of the sun or moon. From the Group of Seven to Robert Genn, these mountains have romanced many and the love affair continues. I imagined Warhol painting these peaks, with his POP Art palette. In total there are 13 peaks in this series titles, 'I See Mountains', some of the most famous and least known peaks in the Rocky Mountain range from BC to Alberta.