Iao Valley

Acrylic, 2018

At the end of 2017 I set out on a journey, with a book, about the time Georgia O' Keeffe visited the island as guest of the Dole Pineapple Company. The book, 'Georgia O' Keeffe's Hawaii' is a delightful read told from the perspective of a 12-yr old girl who was tasked with hosting O' Keeffe and touring her around Hana and various regions of the island, including the Iao Valley. She produced 20 paintings as a result of this trip, which were later exhibited in NYC. During my time in Maui I spent some time soaking up the landscapes, I produced sketches and took a vast number of photos around the island, from different vantage points. Coming home I dove right into sketching out the first idea on canvas, and the result is this painting. The experience made me very curious about two things; why were there so few paintings of the glorious emerald and lime green mountains of the Island represented in the art galleries of Maui? (which O' Keeffe painted famously after her time there) and did Lawren Harris ever meet Georgia O' Keeffe and perhaps paint with her at one point in time? These two questions are providing the fuel carrying forward, and I have already uncovered some interesting stories, which I will share as I continue to develop these paintings inspired by Maui, O'Keeffe and Lawren Harris. This is my love letter to the three.