Nanook Crocus - Polar Bear Skull Prairie Crocus

Acrylic, 2011

Nanook Crocus - realistic painting of a Polar Bear Skull with Canadian Prairie Crocus in soft mauve purple - coming to rest on a log lined beach covered in snow. In Inuit religion Nanuk (polar bear) is the master of bears. The Inuit believed that 'Nanuk', the polar bear, was powerful and mighty, and "almost man." The Inuit hunters would worship this great bear because they believed that he decided if the hunters would be successful. The skull rests here with the prairie crocus which can be found in the prairie provinces of Canada, including Mantioba where you can find polar bear on the shores of Hudson Bay, near Churchill. This piece is painted with the finest acrylic paintings on wood panel and the natural wood grain shows through creating interesting lines and pattern in the background of the piece. The piece is finished with a high gloss UV varnish. Part of a series of animal skulls painted into various Canadian landscapes.