In My Splendorous Kingdom

Mixed Media, 2013

In My Splendorous Kingdom (Splendor Sine Occasu) - I was born in Victoria, British Columbia and I have called Beautiful BC my home my entire life. No matter how far I travel, I am always beaming when returning home. On my travels, many who I have met tell me that the west coast of Canada is 'God's country' which I always take to mean, it's pretty darn beautiful. This painting is mixed media - it includes the red sweater which I wore to my opening of #iconiccanuck in 2013. I treated the sweater with red rubberized paint and affixed to my painting on canvas of the BC flag, which includes the Union Jack. I have also collaged natural materials into the piece and they form the sun, clouds and crown. I removed the tag from the sweater and replaced it with a piece of cotton material on which I painted the words, 'Splendor Sine Occasu'. The motto Splendor Sine Occasu, is Latin and refers to the idea of the sun never setting over the British Empire. "Occasus" literally means a "setting" or a "going down", such as of the sun, and by extension can refer to "the west".