Seattle Art Fair 2017 & Paul G. Allen Art Collection at Pivot Art & Culture

In the first week of August we visited the Seattle Art Fair 2017, a fair launched by Microsoft’s Paul G. Allen, which included an off-site visit to see a portion of Allen’s private art collection at Pivot Art & Culture project space.

Under heavily smoke filled skies from BC wildfires and the worst air quality in the US, we spent the day indoors at the Seattle Art Fair and the Museum of Pop Culture. Over 100 art galleries from Canada, the US and Europe converged on Seattle this week and we were impressed by the quality and variety of work. We gained VIP access thanks to Winchester Galleries from my hometown of Victoria BC, the only art gallery from Vancouver Island presenting at this year’s fair. Galleries include: Winchester Galleries, Forum Gallery NYC, Castor Gallery, Pace Gallery, PDX Contemporary, Winsor Gallery, Winston Wachter Fine Art and many more. Favourites included artists: Bo Bartlett, Kim Dorland, Jeremy Mangan, Xenia Hausner and many more.  We also enjoyed the Jim Henson and David Bowie retrospectives at the Museum of Pop Culture. From paintings to Muppets and rock stars to guitars, it was a day for art from all walks and inspired by POP culture.

Bo Bartlett – Miss America

Pivot Art & Culture

Today was all about technology and private art collections. We began the day at a new and progressive art project space in the Allen Institute building, viewing a small portion of Microsoft founder Paul Allen’s private art collection. A special treat during Seattle Art Fair – Pivot Art & Culture presents Color & Pattern, a special project space in the Allen Institute building, also home for Brain & Cell Science offices. Allen founded the Seattle Art Fair and is the reason we were in Seattle this week enjoying, connecting, and learning. Drawing from the extensive Paul G. Allen Family Collection, Color & Pattern explores the compositional elements of mark making to create pattern, color to compose, and abstraction to organize. The exhibition includes works that are representational, like those by David Hockney and Philip Taaffe and works by abstract artists such as Agnes Martin and Mark Rothko, Damien Hirst and Jasper Johns.

Art + Tech makes Seattle a serious contender for my attention. Another inspirational and eye-opening Art Trip – looking forward to locking myself in the studio for the rest of the summer, until next time, take time for adventure, you never know what it will inspire.

David Hockney – Paul G. Allen Private Collection Pivot Art & Culture