10 Reasons to Buy Canadian Art

Reasons to buy Canadian Art

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Canadian Art – Puns Intended

Something original I wrote for my Linked-In page a while back, and it still resonates today. I am known for poking fun at Canada with my paintings and I wanted to express my thoughts on buying Canadian Art, using good old Canadian humour. I find the art business on the whole far too serious at times, collecting art should be fun, but also come with an education on art that you might not know you are getting. It’s that subliminal side of art that makes it so irresistible. Here are the top 10 reasons to buy Canadian Art.

10 Reasons to Buy Canadian Art

Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley in Thom Studio at Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity, 2022

If you are not in a Rush, pause here and enjoy a brewski while you read top 10 reasons to buy Canadian Art.

  1. It’s Refreshing! like a cold brewski on a hot summer day at the lake, there is nothing like a fresh Canadian painting on your wall, something you can escape into on cold winter days, something that will bring back that feeling you felt when you were out at the cottage on the lake. Or if you are on the coasts (Newfoundland or BC) something a little stronger to take the edge off that cool wind.
  2. It’s Refined! you don’t want to be a hoser, like an Okanagan Valley wine, Contemporary Canadian Art is finely crafted and enjoyed best next to a fireplace while sipping wine from a 1-litre wine glass, and laughing over a game of Crokinole.
  3. It Has a Sense of Humour! Canadian Art is uniquely Canadian and sometimes carries our quirky sense of humour, because if you don’t have something you can engage with on your wall, are you really entertaining your guests? I am not talking velvet paintings, those are tacky. I am speaking of the kind of humour that comes with a cup of afternoon tea, with a shot of whiskey, of course.
  4. Canadian Art Comes With Hidden Secrets! that’s right, Canadian painters have been hiding secret messages, DNA and other goodies in their paintings for Canadian eons. Much like the Mona Lisa, it may take you centuries to discover all that is hidden within a Canadian artwork, which means Canadian Art keeps you guessing, and exploring, like a treasure hunt! and I know I like a good ole’ treasure hunt. It’s like searching for gemstones on the beaches of Newfoundland.
  5. It is A Good Investment! Canadian Art investments have offered better returns than cash or government bonds since 1900, research finds. No matter how much you may love your Tesla stock, it doesn’t deliver the same jolt as a cellar full of whiskey or a house packed with original art. Life is hard, and far too short, I want to fill my world with things that make me vibrate from the inside out. So put on your best Canadian Tuxedo and go gallery hopping.
  6. You Will Become An Honorary Canadian! Canadian artists and art galleries love their collectors, so much so we will adopt you into our special tribe of art loving keeners. You will forever be loved and invited to our Canadian Thanksgiving dinners every year. You will also receive thank you cards for no reason other than you bought art from us at some point in time.
  7. Our Paintings Come with Landscapes! Canadian painters are known for their vividly painted landscapes, because there is just so much darn land up here in the Great White North. The Group of Seven created an idealized view of what Canada looked like. Contemporary Canadian landscape paintings offer super-saturated and sometimes surreal excitement offering new views on what a Canadian landscape painting can be and now is.
  8. Canadian Art is Expensive, But Only to Canadians! if you are Canadian you may be more conservative about taking some of your lake house renovation money and putting it towards an original work of art. We get it, Canadian dollars are worth less than our friends in the UK or USA. If you are from London and you buy Canadian art it’s like two-for-one or 50% off at The Bay. If you are American, you get a wee bit more bang for your buck, as long as you keep your dollar ahead of our Loonie.* wink wink
  9. Canadian Art is Becoming More Famous! just like Ryan Reynolds after doing the ‘Deadpool’ movie or the Barenaked Ladies after doing the title song for the Big Bang Theory, Dan Levy after co-creating Schitt’s Creek or after Shania Twain wore that leopard leotard – Canadian Artists are rising up on the world stage and showing we are much more than Eh, and a two-four, maybe, but we will always wear toques.
  10. It is a Handsome Tax Write-Off! yes, it is true, we love the Canadian Government, no seriously, because they encourage the purchase of original Canadian Art made by Canadian Artist’s. The Canadian tax law allows business owners to purchase and write-off Original Canadian Art in its entirety. The acquisition of Original Canadian Art is included in the Capital Cost Allowance for all Canadian businesses, so long as the Artist was a Canadian Citizen when creating the work and the work of art is an original worth a minimum of $200. Now that is worth a bag of real aged cheddar Cheezies, a dram of Canadian Club, and some time pondering while languishing in a Muskoka chair right there!
  11. It Brings Peace to the World: That’s right, this list goes to eleven, it’s one more. We need that extra push over the cliff and the final reason you should be buying Canadian Art is it will save the world, that’s right the good karma and vibrations that buying Canadian Art releases into the atmosphere. Buying art releases endorphins into the air, a feel-good neuro-transmitter on par with falling in love. An don’t we need a bit more maple syrup flavoured peaceful love in the air!

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to deke you out! Truthfully we are pretty serious about our art business as we have to work so hard to register any clicks on the world speedometer of Art. We continuously have to prove we exist.

Now watch this.